What Is Supratrochlear Lymph Node?

Supratrochlear lymph node(s) are one or two in number and located  above the medial epicondyle of the humerus, medial to the basilic vein. [On the anteromedial aspect of the arm just above the elbow joint]

The afferants to suprtrochlear lymph nodes drain the  drain the middle, ring, and little fingers, the medial portion of the hand, and the superficial area over the ulnar side of the forearm.

But as these vessels are in free communication with the other lymphatic vessels of the forearm, cross drainage is possible.

Their efferents vessels accompany the basilic vein and join the deeper vessels.

Clinical Significance

The supratrochlear lymph node gets enlarges inn infections of hand and forearm and is frequently used in clinical diagnosis making.

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