How To Insert Naso Gastric Tube or Ryle’s Tube?

Nao gastric tubing is used for many purposes which may be to provide the feed in patients who for any reasons could not be fed through the mouth or to aspirate the gastric content as in poisoning  or during neck surgery for better localization of the esophagus.

While the process needs to be individualzed in every patient, I thought it is good have a video explaining the basics in insertion of nasogastric tube.

See my note at the end after you finish your video.

YouTube Preview Image


The position of the Ryle’s tube can also be confirmed by auscultating the stomach by placing the stethoscope over the area below xiphisternum.

A syringe would push air through the outer end of the tube and a loud audible air entry is heard by the stethoscpoe.

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